QuickPhones™ cloud service is as reliable and less expensive than standard carriers.

Switch your provider or get a free phone number for your business and start taking calls tomorrow.

QuickPhones Phone


[ new phone number ]

Port your existing number, or get a brand new business phone number with a local area code.


[ easy to setup, easy to use ]

Automated setup instructions are easy to follow, and service on your cell acts just like your personal phone number.


[ take calls tomorrow ]

Our service is running within 24 hours of setup and allows you to start taking business calls immediately.


[ 99.9% uptime guaranteed ]

Whether you're using 1 line or 100, our powerful cloud service works on any connected device.


[ with add-on services ]

As your business grows, we can provide all of the hardware and agent management software you need.


[ grow your business ]

Our reduntant top-tier data centers ensure that your service is secure and your data is safe.

Built to scale alongside your business.

QuickPhones™ offers software and hardware trusted by thousands of business, from 1 employee to 5,000.

QuickPhones Software

Get started today for free.

No commitment, no contracts, no hassle.


High-quality office phones and additional hardware when you need it.

  • Large selection
  • Own or rent
  • Included support

Get 200 minutes of usage free.
Sign up today, talk tomorrow.

after 200 minutes:
$ 14 /line/month

  • Unlimited usage
  • Talk/text from any supported device
  • No hidden fees

QuickPhones™ software is trusted in 911 call centers.

  • Scalable call center software
  • Routing, recording, agent-scoring,
    and more...
  • Afforable per user per feature licensing


Since 2010, QuickPhones™ has delivered reliable cloud phone services at affordable prices

Unlike our major competitors, QuickPhones™ was never run by investors. We were started by successful entrepreneurs with a long history of developing communications products and services for enterprise.

We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution, or even standard pricing packages. We work with you to get the solution that best fits your business and your communications style. We want your business to be a success, so that we can continue to grow with you for years to come.

Since our first day of service in 2010, the QuickPhones™ network was designed for reliability, redundancy, and scalability. Every feature and function for every customer is provided from a top-tier, highly secure, and highly redundant data center. Don't worry, we've got you covered.

We even back up every last bit of data for every customer with a hot stand-by system at a second top-tier, highly secure and highly redundant, data center in another city.